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Yes, we can repair these panels. Whilst the method of repair is the same as any other, the colour matching is not so scientific. We have a number of spray cans ranging in colour from black to lighter grey, and we will blend in the best match. The results are very good.

Yes, but it does depend on how bad! The rule is rain with no wind is fine, as we can cover the repair areas quite easily with tarps and bungees. However, if it’s a stormy day with wind and rain, then the chances are we will have to postpone. We keep a tab on the forecasts and will call you beforehand if we think it’s going to be difficult. Multiple repairs are more susceptible to this as it’s harder to cover and waterproof the vehicle. Wind on its own presents an annoyance, but will not stop work. If you have a reasonable sized garage (with width to work in) this will usually help enormously in these conditions.

Not necessarily. Most ideal is that it should be dry. If the panel is particularly muddy, then a wash over would be appreciated. However, in all cases, the panels to be repaired are always cleaned and properly prepped before paintwork begins.

Yes, the repair will have been prepared enough for travel in the dry. Although it will be waterproof, if it’s raining then it will pay to leave it for around 3 hours. Please do not machine wash, jet wash or polish the panel for at least one week after the date of repair. We will polish the repair to the same standard as the original manufacturer. There will be enough clear coat on the new repair for you to polish up to a mirror gloss if you wish. However, you must be aware of the blended edges around the repair, which can be stripped off if too vigorous polishing is applied. Waxing should give no cause for concern.

No. Bonnet chips are, by their nature, small but deep damage into the paint. We cannot smart repair to the high standard we set ourselves on horizontal panels such as roofs and bonnets. 
However, it is physically possible to carry out a ‘protective’ repair, and we have. On a customer’s request, we have carried out chip repairs (particularly bad ones) on bonnets simply as a measure to stop things getting worse. We simply cannot guarantee the aesthetic blending in of the paint and clear coat, and so edges may be visible.

No. We are paint specialists. Windscreens can usually be repaired by specialists through your insurance without effecting your no claims bonus.

As a paint repair specialist, we would normally pass these onto a PDR (Paintless Dent Repair) specialist. These guys can massage small dents out from the inside using rods. It’s a highly skilled area which takes years of practise. We use Ross from DevonDents who has done fantastic work for me. He can be contacted on 07854 445714.

There is a limit. There comes a time when the work requested is less a SMART repair and more a full on respray. Our limit per job is 3 panel sections.

Every vehicle manufactured has a paint code, and the paint ingredients are published at a cost. This can be found usually in the door jambs, in the engine bay or in the case of VW’s and Skoda’s in the boot. This code is inputted into the software on my computer, which will produce a list of variants of the colour. From the fan deck on board our vans we will confirm the variant and the software will produce the ingredients made from the 100 or so tints so we can produce a close match.

An online bank transfer is the preferred payment method and details will be provided on the invoice given on the day. Cash or a cheque is also accepted.

Yes it is. All repairs are guaranteed for the lifetime of the vehicle whilst it is in your possession. The guarantee is not transferrable. Obviously, should the repair itself be damaged, or the surface tampered with which then causes a failure, then the guarantee will not apply. Rust also does not form part of the guarantee. Please see the Terms of Business for a full explanation.

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